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3. Tamal Dodge: Devotion, Consciousness, and Yogic Philosophy.

Tamal Dodge is the founder of Yoga Salt as well as the published author of The Yoga Plate. He has been featured in Time Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, CSNBC, Martha Stewart Living Radio, the Hay House Heal Summit, as well as many other international publications.

2. Amritanshu Mishra: A Brahman’s Insight into Hinduism

Amritanshu Mishra is a Brahman teacher from India. He has travelled all over the world, sharing teachings on infinite love and wisdom.

In this episode, we talk about meditation and yoga, as well as the nature and chaos of the mind. We explore universal truth, how to find the true Self, as well as discuss how to identify the flow of consciousness and self-realization.

1. Trina Laine: Resilience and Thriving in the Face of Auto-Immune‪

Trina Laine was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at 6 months old in 1987, with an original life expectancy of only 12 years old. She has survived the darkness of living with a life-long illness and come out the other side with profound wisdom and power. Trina has beaten the odds and transformed her CF into one of her greatest strengths.