Shantih, inspired by her time in Northern India where she lived and studied yoga and eastern philosophy, combined with her early years as a promoter for the Vancouver Electronic Music and Festivals scene, seamlessly transitioned into creating and guiding Ecstatic Dance Experiences. Her Ecstatic Dance sets deeply reflect her appreciation for India, flavored with global atmospheric sounds, eastern tones, and bass-heavy hooks with sultry female vocals.


This dance is dedicated to my Ancestors, Mother Earth, Father Sky, and to all my relations. To the Bald Eagle that witnessed the event. And to remembering. Over the last few years, I have been blessed and doctored with First Nations medicine. There is powerful medicine in these ancient ways. I look forward to the day we can freely travel once more, so we can sit in ceremony and continue to learn from the elders. Thank you to my teachers Gibson Gonnie, Tu Tu Xuiyari, and John Delorem.

Love listens and cares about what you are saying. It holds you and nurtures you. Love is gentle, and warm. It’s strong and holds you when you’re feeling down. Love is forgiving and accepting. Love is moving mountains for each other, and willing to work through your own stuff. Love is willing to recognize your own wrongs and honoring your mistakes with action. Love is honesty; when you have nothing to hide. It’s putting in the extra work to keep the romance and passion alive After years of being together. Love is making your partner feel seen. Love. Makes you feel safe. It makes you feel confident valued and beautiful.
Love respects you and admires you for having your own thoughts and feelings. Love is moving forward together as you grow and learn. It’s admitting to hurtful behavior and doing whatever necessary to address and overcome it. It’s doing the healing work- Seeing how you’ve hurt your partner and repairing things slowly. Love is patience.
Love is having difficult conversations and working through difficult issues. Love is unity. Love is life. Love is the most beautiful thing to share with yourself and others. Love is power. Love is sacred. And sometimes love, Love for yourself, is knowing when to walk away.


The Pen is Mightier than the Sword.

Written and spoken by Shantih Ma